Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ytown Weekend Events, New Demo Video, New Tour Video, Music Wanted

Lot's happening in Ytown and the Mahoning Valley this weekend. If you haven't heard about "The Stage" over at the Oakland on Saturday, it seems like a good time to be had by all and a little something for everyone. Of course you may need to head out early if you have HBO, to get the Kelly Pavlik fight at 10pm. Ready to bring in the new month? Oktoberfest is being put on by the Rotary this Sunday at Boardman Park on Rt 224 behind Kohl's and Barnes and Noble.

The new Accent Media Demo Video will be up and posted next week, and you bloggers and myspace watchers will be the first to take a look at it. I would appreciate any feedback you could give us, as we get ready to launch it in our marketing packets. This Demo is much shorter than our last one, without voiceover and a lot faster pace. We have tried to incorporate lots of projects we have worked on, and then threw in some creativity in how to present it, just for fun. Look for it Monday or Tuesday, and please be sure to send us some comments on what you think about it.

Also next week, we are hoping to finish up our brand new "Studio Tour" video that we have been putting together. Another fun piece of video to show off our new offices and filming space. In fact, talking to the guys here, we are actually looking for new music to put the two videos to. Currently we have used a copyrighted song, but we dont want to get into trouble, so we are looking for some original music to use. If you are in a band, or have a friend that is in one, and is looking to get their original song played, have them get in touch with me at the studio, or through our website's contact page. The website's address has a link in the upper right corner of the main blog. or you can go to

Have a Great Weeked Friends, and check back next week for Media Matters from Accent Media.

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