Thursday, September 6, 2007

Love the Short Week, Selling Your Product or Service

It's already Thursday, you gotta love those 3 day holiday weekends. This week has been hectic for me, as I was called upon to be a juror during my last week of Jury Duty this week. Luckily the courthouse is just 2 blocks from the new studio, so I was able to get a little work done before the trial each day, and at lunch and afterwards. This is pretty much a pure production week here at Accent Media.

The final touches for the Yoga and Pilates video that we shot in New Jersey for a popular instructor, are being polished and readied for shipping this week. As soon as those are on store shelves, we will provide a link to them here at the site. It is a three-disk set that I think will be very popular for both the novice and those experienced in Yoga and Pilates. With the Internet connecting the world these days, if you are an expert on a subject, I highly recommend creating your own video as a way to share your talent as well creating an alternative line of income for yourself. For the small cost of maintaining a website, you can create a strong advertising vehicle for your product, the world over. Ask Accent Media, how we can create a packageable and saleable DVD about your own area of expertise. We will come to you, or you can come to our new studio where we can film you in action and provide an informative and fun DVD of your product or service. We can help from the planning stages, thru scripting, provide shooting ideas, and then develop it into a finished product, ready for market. While shooting the DVD, we can also shoot additional footage that can be used for an infomercial as well that we can format for your website, and you can even use on local television, just like you see on your tv at home, for a reasonable price. For the initial investment to make the DVD, you will have a product that can create revenue for many years to come, that only YOU have the right to sell, unless someone wants to buy the rights from you. When you are ready, you can make an additional investment on Infomercials, or other marketing techniques that Accent Media can help you with. Contact me, Scott Fullerton, Sales and Marketing Director, today for more information, or to get started on creating your own alternate line of income thru selling a product or service on DVD.

The marketing video we created for a well-known and respected rehabilitation center was delivered this week, and it came out very good. The video came in at over 5 minutes, but I think it did a fantastic job in showcasing the many ways in which this rehabilitation center uses sports to enhance peoples lives, who are living with disabilities. The video only required one day of shooting with 2 camera crews and was edited over a few days. It will serve as a fantastic marketing tool for the center. Different from a DVD you can sell, which I talked about above in the Yoga video segment, a great marketing or product demonstration video may not generate income, but can be worth it's weight in gold none-the-less. Marketing and Product Demonstration videos are primarily done by corporate clients. The videos are used to really showcase what the company is about, what it can do or offer, and why it stands out above the rest. Most marketing and product demonstration videos can be shot in a day, sometimes more, depending on the size of the company or project. What is a Demonstration Video? Consider rolling out a new website, you could make a demonstration video on how to use the new website and whatever systems are inside it, complete with screenshots of the web pages. How about the newest machine in your shop or company? A good demonstration video can help your employee's understand exactly the functions, capabilities and the handling of the new machine. And there are many other uses as well. If you think your company can benefit from a good marketing or demonstration video, please call me, Scott, and I will talk to you about it over the phone, or arrange for a meeting to discuss it futher.

Remember that Accent Media can shoot your video in our new shooting studio here in Downtown Youngstown, or we can come to you, either in the Mahoning Valley, The State of Ohio, or across the country. Talk to you soon.........Scott

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