Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hump Day Wednesday, New Demo Reel

HUMP Day Wednesday here at Accent Media, and time to Asess the week so far and see what we have coming the next couple days. The exciting project of the week is the updating of our Demo Reel. Since we have moved to our new location here in Downtown Youngstown, a lot of our old Demo Reel is now outdated with pictures and slates and phone numbers from our old location. I am really excited about the vision for the new Demo. It will be a lot shorter, but contain a lot more video content from past and recent projects, moving along with a thumping beat. Have you seen some of the amazing Demo's from the big boys in L.A. and New York City? They may have some of the big name companies because of their location, but they sure dont have anything on Accent Media as far as style and video presentation goes. Be on the lookout for our new demo, and you will see it here first on this blog and our MySpace page, and then soon onto our website.

Speaking of Demo Reels...........have you heard about our new sound studio?? With our large sound-proof booth that is capable of accomodating up to 4 people, our software, and our mixing equiptment, are YOU ready to be the next American Idol? How about just the guy or girl out there who wants to record their own demo and see how it sounds on professional tape? Are you a band that is ready to shoot your first music video? Accent Media has shot and edited music videos, demo tapes and all there is to make yourself or group shine. Give me a call, Scott Fullerton, Director of Sales and Marketing at 330-744-2268 to arrange a tour of our facilities, and talk about YOUR next great demo reel or music video!

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