Monday, September 24, 2007

Fighting For Youngstown Pride

This week Youngstown should be full of pride as one of our own, Kelly Pavlik, heads out to Atlantic City this weekend to take home the title of "Middleweight Champion of the World". At 25 years old, Pavlik has been a professional boxer for 7 years already. He is impressive not only for his numerous knock-outs in the ring, but for the way he has used his fame and credibility to help individuals and organizations throughout Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley.

One of the reasons behind Accent Media's move to downtown Youngstown, was the energy we felt being generated to the city's renewal and resurgance. We are hearing and learning more and more about how the city is being challenged and encouraged by a younger generation, and we are proud to be a part of it. At 25, Kelly Pavlik is poised to become the number 1 middleweight boxer in the world; the Youngstown Incubator is home to up and coming technology firms, including the number one fastest growing private software company in the country, Turning Technologies, whom we are proud to have as a client, where the average age of the incubator is 27 and annual income is over $56k; the first African-American mayor of Youngstown, the honorable Jay Williams is 38 years old and doing a fantastic job of representing the city and setting it up for future success; the list goes on and on about the younger generation making Youngstown vital once again.

The owner of Accent Media is almost 30, with our editors and cameramen ranging from 19-25 years of age. A young company with idealistic views of how a company ought to be run, and the commitments that should be made not only to ourselves and our company, but to our community and environment as well. We start the week off in pride, for the young hero's like Kelly Pavlik, Mayor Williams, The Youngstown Incubator, and others who are making this community a better place to live and work. Let's encourage others of this generation to step up to the plate, forget the steel ties that bind us to the past, and look towards the future and all that we can be.

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Jessica Trickett said...

Thanks for the comment, and the link. It's great to see new companies investing in downtown and Youngstown's future!