Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ytown Weekend Events, New Demo Video, New Tour Video, Music Wanted

Lot's happening in Ytown and the Mahoning Valley this weekend. If you haven't heard about "The Stage" over at the Oakland on Saturday, it seems like a good time to be had by all and a little something for everyone. Of course you may need to head out early if you have HBO, to get the Kelly Pavlik fight at 10pm. Ready to bring in the new month? Oktoberfest is being put on by the Rotary this Sunday at Boardman Park on Rt 224 behind Kohl's and Barnes and Noble.

The new Accent Media Demo Video will be up and posted next week, and you bloggers and myspace watchers will be the first to take a look at it. I would appreciate any feedback you could give us, as we get ready to launch it in our marketing packets. This Demo is much shorter than our last one, without voiceover and a lot faster pace. We have tried to incorporate lots of projects we have worked on, and then threw in some creativity in how to present it, just for fun. Look for it Monday or Tuesday, and please be sure to send us some comments on what you think about it.

Also next week, we are hoping to finish up our brand new "Studio Tour" video that we have been putting together. Another fun piece of video to show off our new offices and filming space. In fact, talking to the guys here, we are actually looking for new music to put the two videos to. Currently we have used a copyrighted song, but we dont want to get into trouble, so we are looking for some original music to use. If you are in a band, or have a friend that is in one, and is looking to get their original song played, have them get in touch with me at the studio, or through our website's contact page. The website's address has a link in the upper right corner of the main blog. or you can go to

Have a Great Weeked Friends, and check back next week for Media Matters from Accent Media.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fighting For Youngstown Pride

This week Youngstown should be full of pride as one of our own, Kelly Pavlik, heads out to Atlantic City this weekend to take home the title of "Middleweight Champion of the World". At 25 years old, Pavlik has been a professional boxer for 7 years already. He is impressive not only for his numerous knock-outs in the ring, but for the way he has used his fame and credibility to help individuals and organizations throughout Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley.

One of the reasons behind Accent Media's move to downtown Youngstown, was the energy we felt being generated to the city's renewal and resurgance. We are hearing and learning more and more about how the city is being challenged and encouraged by a younger generation, and we are proud to be a part of it. At 25, Kelly Pavlik is poised to become the number 1 middleweight boxer in the world; the Youngstown Incubator is home to up and coming technology firms, including the number one fastest growing private software company in the country, Turning Technologies, whom we are proud to have as a client, where the average age of the incubator is 27 and annual income is over $56k; the first African-American mayor of Youngstown, the honorable Jay Williams is 38 years old and doing a fantastic job of representing the city and setting it up for future success; the list goes on and on about the younger generation making Youngstown vital once again.

The owner of Accent Media is almost 30, with our editors and cameramen ranging from 19-25 years of age. A young company with idealistic views of how a company ought to be run, and the commitments that should be made not only to ourselves and our company, but to our community and environment as well. We start the week off in pride, for the young hero's like Kelly Pavlik, Mayor Williams, The Youngstown Incubator, and others who are making this community a better place to live and work. Let's encourage others of this generation to step up to the plate, forget the steel ties that bind us to the past, and look towards the future and all that we can be.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Business Expo, Ytown Bloggers, New Interns!!

It's a Busy Busy Week here at Accent Media. Tomorrow, Thursday, we have the local trade show, "Business Expo 2007". The Regional Chamber is putting on the event, and we are one of the "Spotlight Sponsors." If you are local or close by the Mahoning Valley, please come to this event and stop by our booth and say HI! There are over 100 businesses from all over the area participating, so it is a great opportunity to see what great businesses and services are available out there. We will be having some candy bars, magnets and penny candy to give away, along with a drawing for a FREE COMMERCIAL or other Video Project up to $2000 dollars. Again, the Business Expo is this Thursday, September 20th from 10am to 4:30pm at the Chevrolet Centre in Downtown Youngstown, Ohio.

There was a great article this past Sunday in the local Vindicator newspaper. It featured 7 bloggers who are writing about the progress and possibilities of a renewed and revitalized Downtown Youngstown. These are all young, talented and passionate people, who practice what they preach or "blog," within their lives and their professions. I am proud to know two of them already, and I am hoping to get to know the others. Heather McMahon, author of the blog, "Mahoning Valley View," I have known since my days of owning and operating some businesses in Downtown Warren, OH, as well as when I was the Vice President of the Warren Downtown Business Association. She is a hard and dedicated worker in Economic Development for the City of Warren, and she is definitely worth the read of her blog. I have also recently met Phil Kidd, who writes his blog, Defending Youngstown. I started reading Phil's blog when we were considering our move to "Downtown Youngstown", and have been hooked ever since. I finally got to meet him, and give him a tour of the studio a couple of weeks ago. He is as great a person as his blog is to read. It's a great look into whats happening here, and you can see the compassion and heart he feels for the city. I have linked their blogs and the blogs below over to the right for easy access. Please take some time to get to know and read these bloggers. The other bloggers of note:

Shout Youngstown

Stark Raving Youngstown

Youngstown Pride

The Oakland Stage

Ytown Renaissance

Finally, I want to introduce to 2 new members of the Accent Media Family this week. We have brought aboard two Production Interns for an 8 week Internship. The first six weeks will be helping out around the studio and getting a feel for the equipment and software. The seventh week, they will be using our equipment and staff to produce and shoot their own mini-project, and on the eighth week, they will be editing it into a showcase for their portfolio. Here in their own words, are Production Interns Heather and Mark. Welcome them aboard. If you would like to email them about their experiences or find out more about our Intern Program, you can send the email to my attention here at the Studio.

what's up everyone, my name is heather lowry. i am unoriginally from warren, oh - meaning i grew up in sunny florida, but have been in and out of warren, off and on due to my love of travel. i graduated from youngstown state university in dec 05- getting my b.a. in english and professional writing & editing. i studied film for 4 weeks in paris, through the ny film academy, which was an amazing experience and i would do it all again. i guess i would say i'm an idealist who tries to stay within the means of reality. i know, right? i have a passion for creating - art, film, writing, design, music (singing alone in the car), dancing, etc. i also like logic and philosophy, although they don't help me with my absent sense of direction. :) i really enjoy learning new things and new experiences ... makes me feel young ... and i can't wait until i can make my first movie, independent from hollywood! but right now, accent media has taken a chance on me, and i couldn't be more excited to get started

Hello my name is Mark Alan Pisciuneri I am 22 years old and I am from right here in Youngstown. I am a graduate of The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe OH, where I recived four certificates in audio engineering, audio production, studio mantinece, and a certificate in for the REC's new tech program. I have been involved in creating music and messing around with audio for several years now and I do very, very amature video production, all from my home studio. Thanks to Accent Media for letting me come on board as a production assistint, I can now show off the skills and talent that I have and learn more of the stuff that I don't know from Accent Media's very talanted staff. I am very excited and plan to accomplish allot with this great opportunity.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hump Day Wednesday, New Demo Reel

HUMP Day Wednesday here at Accent Media, and time to Asess the week so far and see what we have coming the next couple days. The exciting project of the week is the updating of our Demo Reel. Since we have moved to our new location here in Downtown Youngstown, a lot of our old Demo Reel is now outdated with pictures and slates and phone numbers from our old location. I am really excited about the vision for the new Demo. It will be a lot shorter, but contain a lot more video content from past and recent projects, moving along with a thumping beat. Have you seen some of the amazing Demo's from the big boys in L.A. and New York City? They may have some of the big name companies because of their location, but they sure dont have anything on Accent Media as far as style and video presentation goes. Be on the lookout for our new demo, and you will see it here first on this blog and our MySpace page, and then soon onto our website.

Speaking of Demo Reels...........have you heard about our new sound studio?? With our large sound-proof booth that is capable of accomodating up to 4 people, our software, and our mixing equiptment, are YOU ready to be the next American Idol? How about just the guy or girl out there who wants to record their own demo and see how it sounds on professional tape? Are you a band that is ready to shoot your first music video? Accent Media has shot and edited music videos, demo tapes and all there is to make yourself or group shine. Give me a call, Scott Fullerton, Director of Sales and Marketing at 330-744-2268 to arrange a tour of our facilities, and talk about YOUR next great demo reel or music video!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Love the Short Week, Selling Your Product or Service

It's already Thursday, you gotta love those 3 day holiday weekends. This week has been hectic for me, as I was called upon to be a juror during my last week of Jury Duty this week. Luckily the courthouse is just 2 blocks from the new studio, so I was able to get a little work done before the trial each day, and at lunch and afterwards. This is pretty much a pure production week here at Accent Media.

The final touches for the Yoga and Pilates video that we shot in New Jersey for a popular instructor, are being polished and readied for shipping this week. As soon as those are on store shelves, we will provide a link to them here at the site. It is a three-disk set that I think will be very popular for both the novice and those experienced in Yoga and Pilates. With the Internet connecting the world these days, if you are an expert on a subject, I highly recommend creating your own video as a way to share your talent as well creating an alternative line of income for yourself. For the small cost of maintaining a website, you can create a strong advertising vehicle for your product, the world over. Ask Accent Media, how we can create a packageable and saleable DVD about your own area of expertise. We will come to you, or you can come to our new studio where we can film you in action and provide an informative and fun DVD of your product or service. We can help from the planning stages, thru scripting, provide shooting ideas, and then develop it into a finished product, ready for market. While shooting the DVD, we can also shoot additional footage that can be used for an infomercial as well that we can format for your website, and you can even use on local television, just like you see on your tv at home, for a reasonable price. For the initial investment to make the DVD, you will have a product that can create revenue for many years to come, that only YOU have the right to sell, unless someone wants to buy the rights from you. When you are ready, you can make an additional investment on Infomercials, or other marketing techniques that Accent Media can help you with. Contact me, Scott Fullerton, Sales and Marketing Director, today for more information, or to get started on creating your own alternate line of income thru selling a product or service on DVD.

The marketing video we created for a well-known and respected rehabilitation center was delivered this week, and it came out very good. The video came in at over 5 minutes, but I think it did a fantastic job in showcasing the many ways in which this rehabilitation center uses sports to enhance peoples lives, who are living with disabilities. The video only required one day of shooting with 2 camera crews and was edited over a few days. It will serve as a fantastic marketing tool for the center. Different from a DVD you can sell, which I talked about above in the Yoga video segment, a great marketing or product demonstration video may not generate income, but can be worth it's weight in gold none-the-less. Marketing and Product Demonstration videos are primarily done by corporate clients. The videos are used to really showcase what the company is about, what it can do or offer, and why it stands out above the rest. Most marketing and product demonstration videos can be shot in a day, sometimes more, depending on the size of the company or project. What is a Demonstration Video? Consider rolling out a new website, you could make a demonstration video on how to use the new website and whatever systems are inside it, complete with screenshots of the web pages. How about the newest machine in your shop or company? A good demonstration video can help your employee's understand exactly the functions, capabilities and the handling of the new machine. And there are many other uses as well. If you think your company can benefit from a good marketing or demonstration video, please call me, Scott, and I will talk to you about it over the phone, or arrange for a meeting to discuss it futher.

Remember that Accent Media can shoot your video in our new shooting studio here in Downtown Youngstown, or we can come to you, either in the Mahoning Valley, The State of Ohio, or across the country. Talk to you soon.........Scott