Friday, August 31, 2007

Enjoy Labor Day, But Dont Labor Too Hard

A three day weekend is upon is with Labor Day coming this Monday, and Accent Media is deciding NOT to labor, and close for the day. It looks like the perfect weekend to be off, with clear skies, not too hot, low humidity and cool at night. Also if you are from around the Mahoning Valley area, you know that it's also the Canfield Fair this weekend. Save your pennies for all of the yummy fair food, it's good eating, but not cheap!! Accent Media is working on a project that we will roll-out this October, that may move into booth at the Canfield Fair next year. We are hoping it won't have to, but that's all the hint I am going to give you. More information will be released shortly.

Our second full week at the new location has come and gone, and we are starting to get a little more used to it. We are trying to remember to use the intercom on the phones and not just yell at each other when we have a call, like we used to do in the old small 2-room location. We don't mind the yelling, but it's become harder to hear each other with all of the extra space, LOL. The only thing we are still dealing with is if someone goes to the bathroom. Before it was in the middle of the office and you could see the door closed and the light coming from under it. Now, we have to check about 6 different offices first before we think of trying the bathroom.

We have had lot's of work to keep us busy this week, and we would like to thank our clients that brought us our commercials and webisodes for Easy Street and the Youngstown Symphony Society's "Beauty and the Beast," that Danny has been working on. We also have Kevin and Steve hard at work on our product demonstration video we are working on that will soon be in 20,000 product's boxes in the next month or so. Dennis hit a home run with the first draft of his marketing video for a rehabilitation center that brought a tear to the Site Director's eye. Frank has delivered the first part of his project for our new Chicago client, where we are sending out 250 business overview DVD's we created for them. Part two is now in production. Chip has been putting out some fires for some of our clients this week with last minute changes and transferring items to clients websites to be viewed and his usual editing load. On the sales and marketing end, I met with a very promising new client this week who would like to take advantage of our new shooting capability and utilize our green screen wall quite a bit. I also set an appointment this week with a national company that is looking for new orientation and training videos for each of their locations across the country. Fingers are crossed on that one, but with our quality and attention to detail, I am feeling pretty good.

Next week, I will be posting a walking tour, or at least snippets of the new facility for those who have not been able to come by yet. I am looking forward to meeting with creator Phil Kidd next week and having him look around the studio and see how Accent Media can help the restoration of Downtown Youngstown. We are always looking for ways to take part in the Mahoning Valley community at large. If anyone ever wants to stop by the studio for a tour and visit with our talented and creative staff, please call me, Scott Fullerton, at 330-744-2268, and I will arrange a time for you to come down and take you on a guided tour and how Accent Media is the premiere production house in NE Ohio.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome To The New Accent Media Blog!!

As we close the month of August, Accent Media puts 2 major milestones behind us. First we have now officially celebrated our 4th anniversary of doing business, and second, we have moved into our new location in Downtown Youngstown.

Charles, "Chip," Atkins, never realized that four years ago in August of 2003, that his decision to go out and create his own company to shoot and edit video in the Mahoning Valley, would become the business it has today. After operating alone for almost the first two years, the company enters it's fifth year of doing business with 7 employee's and we will be hiring 2 Interns in the next month, and hopefully 2 more employee's by years end.

On August 16th, Accent Media held an Open House to tour our brand new facilities in Youngstown. Over 180 people came and were quite impressed with the new office space, the new shooting and sound rooms, and the 2,000 additional square footage available for the company to continue to grow. Complimentary refreshments were provided by area restaurants and food establishments including; Super Suppers, B&O Railroad Banquet Hall, The Mocha House, Edible Arrangements, Pascarella's Italian Restaurant and GFS Marketplace in Boardman. The Coca Cola Company of Youngstown provided the complimentary soda's and bottled water. Beautiful floral arrangements were provided by Edwards Florist of Youngstown. Visitors each got their own goodie bag full of area businesses flyers and promotional items. Over a dozen door prizes were handed out, including prizes from; Casals De Spa and Salon, Komara's Jewelers, Mary Jo Maluso and Rick Blackson, Mary Kay Cosmetics, The Steelhounds, The Scrappers, Tickets for the Chevrolet Centre, Doc's Deer Scents, Cafe Cimmento, Buffalo Wild Wings, TGI Fridays, The Youngstown Sports Grille, The Olive Garden, Smokey Bones Restaurant, The Agent Insurers, GFS Marketplace and more. Anyone requesting a tour of the new facility can contact Sales and Marketing Director, Scott Fullerton, at 330-744-2268.

For the first time, Accent Media has it's own shooting space that includes a huge green screen and psych-wall, a travelling green screen wall, a portable product size pysch wall, and rooms that will accomodate focus groups, web and podcasting of meetings, full studio productions, and much more. Along with our professional multi-camera systems that are "Hi-Definition" capable, we have consistently bought new and improved equipment so we can offer Dolly and Track Shooting, Jib Shooting up to 12 feet, and many other innovations.

The Accent Media website is still going thru renovations, but is almost complete, and you can go there to review some of our demo disks, and information about what we do, and how we do it, along with contact information for the entire team. We really enjoy interacting with the community, and are looking forward to meeting and working with our neighbors here in Downtown Youngstown, and throughout the Mahoning Valley and beyond. This new blogsite will be updated often, and please contact us with any questions or comments you have about our company. Most questions should be directed to Scott Fullerton, Director of Sales and Marketing, and you will recieve a response within 1-3 business days. Thanx for helping Accent Media celebrate our 4th Anniversary, and new location, we look forward to serving you.