Monday, June 30, 2008

Stacking The Odds........Breast Cancer Fund Raiser

We are getting ready for our next meeting as we organize the major fundraiser we are sponsoring this October, "Stacking The Odds", benefitting the Susan G Komen For The Cure Foundation. I am very proud and pleased to announce that our very own Youngstown Vindicator, has signed on to be one of our major "Big Stuff" sponsors for the event. They will be helping organize online registrations for Stackers, and also be promoting the event in their newspaper,, and Accent Media has been very proud of our working relationship with the Vindicator. Having worked with Jason Holmes on their Vindy Jobs,, and Valley Wheels commercials, and Todd Franko, Editor, and Nena Perkins, Sales, we know their integrity and commitment to the Valley and worthwhile causes such as this.

This now brings our list of "Big Stuf" sponsors, sponsors who have donated over $1,000 dollars in Cash and/or Trade, to 5: First National Bank, Accent Media, The Youngstown Vindicator, Oreo and Dean Dairy. We are still looking for more, and there are plenty of sponsorships available in the "Double Stuf", "Regular Oreo",and "Oreo Mini" sponsor categories. Look for the Accent Media Intern to be calling your business in the next couple of weeks for stackers and/or donations. We hope you will support this great cause. The first event last year raised over $18,000, and we hope to at least double that this year. Give me a call if you have any questions about donating your time at the event, entering to stack, or sponsorship opportunities.........Scott

Time to get Creative

Hey Friends. Found out about this kewl site today called "Wordle". You type in text, enter an Atom or RSS feed, or a name, and it will create a word art from the key words. Click HERE to check it out. Part of the way the art works is it takes the key words that are repeated the most and makes them larger. I guess we talk about Youngstown a lot, LOL. I can't even imagine how big the word would be in feeds like Shout Youngstown or Defend Youngstown. Anyway, it's a kewl site and you might want to go check it out. Enjoy........Scott PS. Looks like you have to click on images to see them full resolution.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Accent On Youngstown" Episode 6 (6/20/08)

Hey Friends, welcome to another webcast of "Accent On Youngstown". Please take time to vote in the poll on the upper right of our main blog site to let us know how we are doing. This episode we feature Jennifer and Kelly and their company ERIS Medical Technologies, another success story of the Youngstown Business Incubator. Having just landed a new account, putting their proprietary software in the Humility of Mary health care system, including St. Elizabeth's here in Youngstown, we are sure you will hear much more about their success in the months to come. Next we have the Mahoning Valley's only professional sports team at the moment, The Mahoning Valley Thunder. Anthony talks about the success of the franchise, and what their priorities are and where they are headed in future. To finish up, we feature Derek Caffe, a Youngstown native and Iraq war veteran, who decided to come back and get his degree at Youngstown State University, and stay in the area and open up his own business. U Gotta Eat, is a new delivery service bringing you meals from some of your favorite restaurants in the area. Saving you time and gas, Derek's team charges nothing more than the restaurants regular menu prices and a small $3.99 - $7.99 delivery fee. Thanx to all of these businesses and professionals for sharing some time with us, and be sure to check them out. Enjoy........Scott

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Marketing Professional, Take a Poll

Hey Friends, Accent Media is bringing aboard a new Sales and Marketing expert to assist in our company growth. Jeremy Gatto, is a graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Criminal Justice, and a graduate of Youngstown State University, with a Master's degree in Business Administration. I am looking forward to bringing Jeremy into my team to aggressively pursue new clients for production projects, as well as be a vital part of our team to create entire business strategies. Jeremy and I are long time friends and allies, and I look forward to what we can accomplish at Accent Media with him at my side. If you are planning a new direction for your company, or need marketing and/or production needs for your current strategy, please give Accent Media a call and meet Jeremy our new associate, and learn how he can help you improve your customer base and name recognition.

Tomorrow we will be launching our next webcast chapter of "Accent On Youngstown." This webisode's guests include; another Youngstown Incubator success story, ERIS Medical Technologies, who has just secured a contract with the Humility of Mary Health partners, including St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Youngstown, to provide medical billing software that saves time and cost savings for both the facilities and their patients. Also we will be featuring the Mahoning Valley Thunder, indoor Arena Football team. We talked to Anthony about the teams goals, events, and why they are excited to be playing in downtown Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley. The last segment will feature a new restaurant delivery business that has started in town, that is owned and operated by a Youngstown native, Iraq war veteran, and graduate of Youngstown State University. Derek had the opportunity to open a business anywhere in the country and ended up staying in Youngstown to seize on the promise he see's here, and the faith he has in his business plan. I also ask that you take a second and vote on our main blog page, in the upper right, to tell us what you think about these webcasts, and if you would like to see them continue on, or change into something else.

I look forward to seeing all those that signed up for the Cleveland+Youngstown+Pittsburgh Education Network event on Friday at the Youngstown Club. There is another Wick Park organization meeting on Saturday, and if you haven't found it yet, Phil Kidd's website of upcoming city events is almost complete, and you can check it out HERE

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tim Russert and Youngstown's Favorite Son Kelly Pavlik

So I try to keep my national politics out of this blog, but as my close friends know, I am a political junkie. That's why I was very hard hit this weekend, by the passing of journalist Tim Russert, NBC News', Washington Bureau Chief. I have a pretty strict routine on Sundays; up by 8:30, coffee and a bagel, 9-10am Meet The Press, 10-10:30am The Chris Mathews Show, 10:30-11am Face The Nation with Bob Scheifer, 11am Shower, and 11:30am hit up one of my favorite breakfast haunts and read the Sunday Paper. From those Sundays, and from this long Presidential Primary race, Tim Russert was a presence in my life and will be missed. Watching his son Luke today on the Today Show, I think his legacy will move forward just fine.

Part of the weekend coverage about Russert, was his favorite son status to the city of Buffalo, New York. Indeed, over those many Sundays of watching him, If I never heard another Sabre or Bills comment, it would have been fine with me. But that's what a true hometown hero and favorite son does, he talks about their hometown constantly and leave no doubt where they are from. As Chris Mathews said this past Sunday in a tribute, "Russert actually made Buffalo Cool."

Youngstown has a new favorite son in Kelly Pavlik. Like Russert, Kelly talks softly but carries a big stick, or punch rather. For a soft spoken guy, Pavlik takes every opportunity to talk up his native Youngstown. Hopefully Kelly can make Youngstown, "cool" again. The community is trying. Just witness all the hub-bub over the windows in the Stambaugh Building. That's concerned citizens trying to take back their city and proactively preventing a nuisance and eyesore before it evolves.

The only downside I see with Kelly Pavlik as our favorite son, is the sport that is propelling him to that stature. Most boxing names that roll off my tongue are in the heavyweight division. Not being a huge boxing fan, that could just be my ignorance of boxing legends, but I am hoping that Pavliks name will endure after the fight is out of him. Pavlik himself has said he only has a few more years in the sport. Youngstown needs more Kelly Pavliks and pseudo Tim Russerts. Favorite sons AND daughters who are out in the world, singing the praises of Youngstown. Sure, we want some of our bravest and brightest to stay right here in town, but that's not a reality to all of the shooting stars that Youngstown can and does produce. When they go about their careers to points unknown, I hope they are calling out, "go thunder, go YSU." Anyway, just some random thoughts going through my head to day. Carry on Luke, make your father proud, it's your turn to sing Washington's praises now, and where you came from.................Scott

Friday, June 6, 2008

"Accent On Youngstown" Episode 5

Hey Friends, Here is our next webcast of "Accent On Youngstown". This episode we talk to Mayor Jay Williams, Chief of Staff and Interim Parks and Recreation Director, Jason T. Whitehead, about activities this summer, the new Arlington Park project, and a full season at the new Northside Pool. We also have the new working owners of The Music Center in Niles Ohio, Cindy and Kathy, and they talk about the shop and a little about the transition for them as owners after their father sadly passed away from cancer earlier this year. Our food and drink section this webcast has Gordy from Super Suppers, and if you havent heard about all the exciting events she has planned this summer, you gotta stop in and see for yourself. Enjoy friends.........Scott

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Little Trash Talking............

No, I am not talking about trashing a competitor, or a politician or an idea, this is REAL trash talk. Two things: Jonesfest and Streetscape. I am sure you heard about the success of Jonesfest thru the many other talented blogs out there. We have a little b-roll footage of it, that we are adding to the next "Accent On Youngstown", that is coming out this Friday. I am really happy for the success for the event, but what i want to talk about is it's trash. Yup, kinda silly huh, but worth mentioning. I only came out to the opening hours of Jonesfest, as I had other commitments that night. I did however, get to walk around outside our building around 4:30 and see people finishing setting up their booths, the first band playing outside, and the wind, whipping them all around and around. I saw trash and shirts, and papers and products, flying around at the beginning, I cant imagine what was happening the rest of the night, as the festival was kicking into high-gear.

Anyway, as I have mentioned before, I am a travelling man, having grown up in California, then lived in Oregon, Ohio, New York, and Massachussetts. I have been to, or lived near many festivals in all of these cities. I have to say that in comparison, the City of Youngstown, and the event organizers get some big, "Way To Go Guys", for cleaning up after themselves. I came in to work on Sunday morning to get some things done, fully expecting to see Federal Street literally still trashed. There was barely a scrap in sight. I have seen other cities, let it go to late in the next day or two before they cleaned up properly after an event. Whether it was City mandated, or Jonesfest planned, they did a terrific job putting the block back the way they found it. Hat's off to a great event, and keep the hats flying for the people that took pride in our city to make it look good again, immediately following the event. My thanx, and the business residents at 20 Federal Place thank you as well.

More in garbage news, Streetscape is being held this weekend, kicking off over on East Federal Street. A link about the event IS HERE. From what I hear, over 400 people have already signed up to participate. They will be cleaning the city and planting tree's from Wick Park thru downtown. There will be complimentary donuts and danishes at 7:30, and at 8:15, there will be the opening talks and assignments. Come join this great organization to clean up Youngstown, and take pride in your city. You could be Trash Talking too.........=).....Scott