Monday, June 16, 2008

Tim Russert and Youngstown's Favorite Son Kelly Pavlik

So I try to keep my national politics out of this blog, but as my close friends know, I am a political junkie. That's why I was very hard hit this weekend, by the passing of journalist Tim Russert, NBC News', Washington Bureau Chief. I have a pretty strict routine on Sundays; up by 8:30, coffee and a bagel, 9-10am Meet The Press, 10-10:30am The Chris Mathews Show, 10:30-11am Face The Nation with Bob Scheifer, 11am Shower, and 11:30am hit up one of my favorite breakfast haunts and read the Sunday Paper. From those Sundays, and from this long Presidential Primary race, Tim Russert was a presence in my life and will be missed. Watching his son Luke today on the Today Show, I think his legacy will move forward just fine.

Part of the weekend coverage about Russert, was his favorite son status to the city of Buffalo, New York. Indeed, over those many Sundays of watching him, If I never heard another Sabre or Bills comment, it would have been fine with me. But that's what a true hometown hero and favorite son does, he talks about their hometown constantly and leave no doubt where they are from. As Chris Mathews said this past Sunday in a tribute, "Russert actually made Buffalo Cool."

Youngstown has a new favorite son in Kelly Pavlik. Like Russert, Kelly talks softly but carries a big stick, or punch rather. For a soft spoken guy, Pavlik takes every opportunity to talk up his native Youngstown. Hopefully Kelly can make Youngstown, "cool" again. The community is trying. Just witness all the hub-bub over the windows in the Stambaugh Building. That's concerned citizens trying to take back their city and proactively preventing a nuisance and eyesore before it evolves.

The only downside I see with Kelly Pavlik as our favorite son, is the sport that is propelling him to that stature. Most boxing names that roll off my tongue are in the heavyweight division. Not being a huge boxing fan, that could just be my ignorance of boxing legends, but I am hoping that Pavliks name will endure after the fight is out of him. Pavlik himself has said he only has a few more years in the sport. Youngstown needs more Kelly Pavliks and pseudo Tim Russerts. Favorite sons AND daughters who are out in the world, singing the praises of Youngstown. Sure, we want some of our bravest and brightest to stay right here in town, but that's not a reality to all of the shooting stars that Youngstown can and does produce. When they go about their careers to points unknown, I hope they are calling out, "go thunder, go YSU." Anyway, just some random thoughts going through my head to day. Carry on Luke, make your father proud, it's your turn to sing Washington's praises now, and where you came from.................Scott

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Janko said...

not sure if you saw the luke russert interview on the today show monday morning. you can watch it at and his composure is what is amazing to me.

russert was like the pastor of a church. always there on sundays, seaching for truth.