Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Little Trash Talking............

No, I am not talking about trashing a competitor, or a politician or an idea, this is REAL trash talk. Two things: Jonesfest and Streetscape. I am sure you heard about the success of Jonesfest thru the many other talented blogs out there. We have a little b-roll footage of it, that we are adding to the next "Accent On Youngstown", that is coming out this Friday. I am really happy for the success for the event, but what i want to talk about is it's trash. Yup, kinda silly huh, but worth mentioning. I only came out to the opening hours of Jonesfest, as I had other commitments that night. I did however, get to walk around outside our building around 4:30 and see people finishing setting up their booths, the first band playing outside, and the wind, whipping them all around and around. I saw trash and shirts, and papers and products, flying around at the beginning, I cant imagine what was happening the rest of the night, as the festival was kicking into high-gear.

Anyway, as I have mentioned before, I am a travelling man, having grown up in California, then lived in Oregon, Ohio, New York, and Massachussetts. I have been to, or lived near many festivals in all of these cities. I have to say that in comparison, the City of Youngstown, and the event organizers get some big, "Way To Go Guys", for cleaning up after themselves. I came in to work on Sunday morning to get some things done, fully expecting to see Federal Street literally still trashed. There was barely a scrap in sight. I have seen other cities, let it go to late in the next day or two before they cleaned up properly after an event. Whether it was City mandated, or Jonesfest planned, they did a terrific job putting the block back the way they found it. Hat's off to a great event, and keep the hats flying for the people that took pride in our city to make it look good again, immediately following the event. My thanx, and the business residents at 20 Federal Place thank you as well.

More in garbage news, Streetscape is being held this weekend, kicking off over on East Federal Street. A link about the event IS HERE. From what I hear, over 400 people have already signed up to participate. They will be cleaning the city and planting tree's from Wick Park thru downtown. There will be complimentary donuts and danishes at 7:30, and at 8:15, there will be the opening talks and assignments. Come join this great organization to clean up Youngstown, and take pride in your city. You could be Trash Talking too.........=).....Scott

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