Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Marketing Professional, Take a Poll

Hey Friends, Accent Media is bringing aboard a new Sales and Marketing expert to assist in our company growth. Jeremy Gatto, is a graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Criminal Justice, and a graduate of Youngstown State University, with a Master's degree in Business Administration. I am looking forward to bringing Jeremy into my team to aggressively pursue new clients for production projects, as well as be a vital part of our team to create entire business strategies. Jeremy and I are long time friends and allies, and I look forward to what we can accomplish at Accent Media with him at my side. If you are planning a new direction for your company, or need marketing and/or production needs for your current strategy, please give Accent Media a call and meet Jeremy our new associate, and learn how he can help you improve your customer base and name recognition.

Tomorrow we will be launching our next webcast chapter of "Accent On Youngstown." This webisode's guests include; another Youngstown Incubator success story, ERIS Medical Technologies, who has just secured a contract with the Humility of Mary Health partners, including St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Youngstown, to provide medical billing software that saves time and cost savings for both the facilities and their patients. Also we will be featuring the Mahoning Valley Thunder, indoor Arena Football team. We talked to Anthony about the teams goals, events, and why they are excited to be playing in downtown Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley. The last segment will feature a new restaurant delivery business that has started in town, that is owned and operated by a Youngstown native, Iraq war veteran, and graduate of Youngstown State University. Derek had the opportunity to open a business anywhere in the country and ended up staying in Youngstown to seize on the promise he see's here, and the faith he has in his business plan. I also ask that you take a second and vote on our main blog page, in the upper right, to tell us what you think about these webcasts, and if you would like to see them continue on, or change into something else.

I look forward to seeing all those that signed up for the Cleveland+Youngstown+Pittsburgh Education Network event on Friday at the Youngstown Club. There is another Wick Park organization meeting on Saturday, and if you haven't found it yet, Phil Kidd's website of upcoming city events is almost complete, and you can check it out HERE

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