Monday, October 1, 2007

Kelly Pavlik, Champion and Hero of Ytown Revitalization

Youngstown has a new champion of revitalization, and his name is Kelly Pavlik. Nothing brings about reform, revitalization and growth, without people supporting it and creating the change themselves. With his 7th round knock-out over champion Jermain Taylor, Pavlik became the best Middleweight Boxer in the world. After a heart-stopping, knock-down in the 2nd round, Pavlik recovered his footing, showed true willpower and stamina, and used his incredible presence of mind and skills to last to the end of the round. That one setback, and the crowd's outpouring of emotion, (did i forget to mention that there was over 5,000 fans from Youngstown that drove the distance to Atlantic City, to see the fight in person and root on their hometown hero,) was enough to push Kelly Pavlik on to fight harder, smarter, and get the knock-out in the 7th.

The type of commitment Kelly Pavlik displayed in boxing, is the type of commitment it will take to bring about the revitalization of Youngstown. Through education, technology and innovation, community commitment and perspiration, Youngstown will have it's 7th round knock-out. Resources like the Youngstown Incubator, education like YSU, dedication that is shown from Mayor Williams and community leaders such as the Zoldan's, and the perspiration from communities that are looking to take back their neighborhoods and clean up the city, will serve Youngstown well.

Accent Media is going thru revitalization as well, and is looking for it's own 7th round knock-out. After four years of working in small quarters, being humble about the quality work that we wish to provide, and slowly evolving into a stable of strong cameramen, editors, producers and business talent, we are ready to begin again. Our new studio and business offices has revitalized our thinking, and opened up more possibilities that we only dreamed possible. Our client list is growing and our reputation is climbing, and those that have doubted are coming away with the faith that we can deliver upon all that we promise and more so. There are a lot of production companies, and even advertising agencies that claim they are ready for the big leagues when they actually only there thru luck and lack of competition. With the revitalization of Youngstown, comes the demand of quality over par for the course. One of our favorite sayings is that, "You will always get what you have always got, if you always do what you have always done." We ask that you try something new, and follow your instincts. Let Accent Media prove that there is a a production house in Northeast Ohio that has the creativity, know-how, equipment, and vision to assist in making your dream a reality. Let us help you realize your dreams to get your product noticed thru a superior commercial or product demonstration video. Or thru quality orientation or training videos that prove to your empoyee's that you care about them, want them to understand their jobs, and want to help them be the very best that they can be. We can also make awesome recruitment videos to get your business, sons and daughters, athletes, and reality show contestants, noticed and highlight what makes them the perfect person to be recruited or picked.

Accent Media Congratulates Kelly Pavlik on a fantastic personal victory, and a victory and revitalization of positive recognition and press for the City of Youngstown.

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