Friday, October 19, 2007

COSE Business Expo, YSU Intern Shadow Day

A very exciting and hectic day at Accent Media today, with a lot of activity to end the week. Some of our team members are out at the COSE Small Business Conference in Cleveland today, meeting with other members of the area to network and help each other grow. They will be spending the day showcasing the services that Accent Media has to offer and also attending a few of the workshops at the event. We also have two students with us in the office from Youngstown State University, who are shadowing for the day.

We have Zaher Saleh majoring in Advertising Art. Zaher just moved from Lebanon few years ago, and he is very excited to be in Youngstown and in particular to be here today at the office. Some of his interests are photography, web and graphic design, music and much more, he is expecting to have a great day here at accent media getting know more about the area's top production company.

Another student, also an Advertising Art Major is Dave Laird. He is a senior in the program and looking forward to graduating after two more semesters in the program. He is also studying multimedia and web design as a minor. Dave is into graphic design, the local music scene or anything involving music, photography and Guitar Hero (and is looking forward to Guitar Hero III in just week). He hopes that the day at Accent Media will give him the insight that he wants to get a job in the advertising industry.

In short, today has been a productive way to end a hectic week so far. We hope that the time spent with the YSU students will give them what they need to succeed, and that the business expo in Cleveland will introduce us to new faces and new horizons. After all, that is what the industry is about, keeping up and keeping current.

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