Friday, November 2, 2007

A Little Catch-Up....More To Come Next Week

WOW! Has it really been two weeks since our last post? I guess it's time to catch you up on the moving and grooving here at Accent Media, and our thoughts on the world right now. We last let you know about our participation in a Business Expo, thrown by COSE at the IX Center in Cleveland. It was a resounding success and helped us stick our big toe into the waters and wonderful world of production needs in the Cleveland area. Yesterday was our first meeting that came out of the Expo, and we have our second this afternoon. I really feel it's going to bring us some new business from the 6 county area around Cleveland, and we are excited about all of this new work. It seems the name of the game at the Expo, was "Website Content". There is a serious need for website content in the Cleveland area, and for that matter, the world wide web itself.

As society gets more 'net saavy', plain and static simple web pages are not enough anymore. Attention grabbing video shorts or links are necessary on your webpages to give your content meeting. If your company is selling widgets and doo-dads, you should have a video on your site, showing those items in action. If your company provides a service, you should have some video testimonials from satisfied clients on your site. If YOU are your product or service, you can put yourself front and center and show a video talking about what you do, and why you do it best. Just as real estate needs location, location, location, so does your website need content, content, content!!

We also touched on the YSU Shadow Day, that we participated in a few weeks back. It's a program sponsored by the Regional Chamber of Commerce, for Youngstown State University students to have the opportunity to shadow a sales/marketing or public relations professional around their business to get a taste of the real world. As you read, I was lucky enough to get two very smart and capable young men, who are studying not only sales and marketing, but emphasize music, graphics and production as well. We had a great day here at the office, giving them some hands on experience with how we go about making our sales and marketing decisions here at Accent Media, and how that results in the final product that we produce and create. I was also able to bring them on 2 sales calls I had with Clients on that day, and they had some great questions and were a big help. I am happy to say that one of them, David Laird, applied to be part of our Intern program here, and I have accepted him, so he will start in about a week. Look forward to getting to know him, as I turn over some of these blogging duties to him in the weeks to come.

I will make this entry short and sweet and just catch you up today, but i will soon post on my thoughts about the Chevrolet Centre, and the interim management brought on as the search is underway for a new management company. I also want to talk about some local happenings and events in Youngstown that are noteworthy and positive. Have a great weekend everyone and remember, Media Matters!.........Scott

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