Monday, November 5, 2007

Random Thoughts

So I left off Friday promising some of my thoughts on the Chevrolet Centre and random other Ytown happenings. I for one, am a huge supporter of the Chevy Centre. Do I think it should have been built? Well, that part is debateable, but I agree with the intentions for building it, and since it IS already built, there is no point hoping it will fail. I have attended events there, and it really is hard to find a bad seat in the house. The events I have seen were professional, and the crowds were there for a good time, and not for any trouble that I could see.

My concern has always been, that although this was a Youngstown arena, there was never any real Youngstown involvement in the operations. I understand the city is not in the Arena Operating Business, and should find someone qualified to do such, but can't the City see that it needs someone with local vision with a feel of what works here in Youngstown. Could an Arizona company really know what would fly here in the Mahoning Valley, just because they have run similar 'size' arenas in other cities?Could outside general managers who may understand how to book acts, really know what acts he should be booking here? Was there an investment in getting to know the Mahoning Valley community first? Could the salary spent to hire a company from outside, be better spent hiring a local promoter and giving them a budget the size of the management company's to staff his people? I think these are all valid questions that should have been answered or at least addressed. I am both very happy that the City has asked local promoter Eric Ryan to be the Executive Director, but at the same time, sad that the position will only be temporary. We need a local promoter, such as Ryan, who understands the area, and is willing to take on the task and get it done. I am hoping that Ryan's production company is putting their hat in the ring for the permanent position.

There was a press conference in our building today about one of the newest additions to Youngstown, "Art Youngstown, Inc.", that will be located right across the street at 25 Federal Plaza West, here in downtown Youngstown. The goal is to create gallery space for the local art scene, and the first exhibit, appropriately titled, "The Inaugural Exhibition, will have a first look on Friday, November 23rd, from 7:30 'til 10pm. Doors will open at 7pm. The Inaugarul Exhibit is being held with the help of Denise Powell of James and Weaver Co. I think it is very exciting to have this latest cultural venue downtown, and cant wait to attend.

I also want to point you to an open letter to the editor that was crafted by Defend Youngstown's founder and organizer, Phill Kidd. The letter talks about the real assets to a community, not the attractions that are there to be used, but the people that are there and need to use the attractions. If we want people to step up and get involved in the City of Youngstown, it will take cooperation with the City on following thru with promises, or at least keeping the public aware of events going on that affect city life, like the housing that Phil talks about on his blog. There are a lot of great, positive things happening in the City, now we need to promote them and more importantly, get the cities communities and the outlying areas to attend.

Accent Media is having another busy week, and I will update you all on that by Friday. Take care friends..........Scott

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