Monday, October 8, 2007

Elevator: Getting the Shaft, New Graphics and Animation Guy

Do you remember Mary Chapin Carpenter's song, "Sometimes You're the Windshield, Sometimes You're the Bug?" Well let me rephrase that with, "Sometimes You Get the Elevator, Sometimes Just the Shaft!" If you are not part of the inside joke here at Accent Media, we claim to have a super-secret, private elavator, closet door to our studios here on the 7th floor of the old PharMor Building. The thing is, it actually WAS a private elevator to the 7,8, and 9th floors to the PharMor Studio and Executive Offices. This private elevator is in a non-obtrusive closet door, just to the right of the 3 main elevators for the building. The 3 main elevators only go to the 6th floor, so when unexpecting delivery men or clients we have not explained the super-secret, private elevator, closet door thing to come looking for us, they usually jump in one of the 3 elevators and wonder what the heck happened to the 7th floor. It has been both fun and frustrating all at the same time.

Well the frustration grew a little bit last week as our super-secret, private elevator crashed and burned between the second floor and Mezzanine. Not only did it quit working somewhere between those floors, it quit working with 3 Accent Media employee's inside of it. YIKES!!! The only funny thing about it, was that me being the Sales and Marketing Director, and defacto Genereal Manager for the business, most things go thru me first, so we dont bog the owner Chip down with too much. I happened to be out at a sales call with a client in Cortland when the elevator stopped, and who was the first person the trapped elevator riders called from their cell phone??? Yup! It was me. After laughing a bit, I explained to them that Chip was only 5 floors above them, and might have an easier time getting to them than I did at that point. LOL. Good News: they got out safe and sound, crawling thru the pried open doors to the 2nd floor. Bad News: the elevator is still not working a week later, and we are relugated to either going to the 6th floor and then taking a flight of stairs up to the storage area of the 7th floor, or taking the service elevator, with all the odors of the trash area following you up to the 7th floor storage area.

We have a new member of the Accent Media team. Justin Giudici will be working on animations and graphics, with Steve. Justin graduated from school with a degree in film making and animation and design, but has not been able to put his schooling to use until now. Accent Media is very happy to welcome Justin to the team, and know he will do a great job in animation, graphics, and using After Effects and his other program knowledge to really bring future projects to life. As a job test, I had Justin put together a quick commercial together for a longtime client, The Vindicator. This was just a test project, so it was not meant to be aired, and wont be, at least not for this run, there is going to be no tv time for this, but I just made up a project for Justin to do, and I was very impressed. The Vindicator is starting their next Bid N Buy at the end of the week. You can go get a lot for a little hopefully. You can check out the link, and see all the fun stuff they have. Anyway. for his job test, I told him to make a cool looking retro ad for the Bid N Buy, using only animation affects. You can see his result below. It was fun, and just what I was looking for. If we added a fun retro type voiceover announcer, this project could be ready for air. Enjoy, and check out the Vindicators Bid N Buy today!

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