Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Downtown Youngstown, "It's Happening Here!!"

It's Happening Here!! If you have been paying attention, you know that is the catch-phrase for Downtown Youngstown. Below are the 2 spots that Accent Media was asked to shoot and edit by Keynote Media, who was hired by the City to put together. With Keynote Media's vision, and Accent's fantastic camera work and editing abilities. I think we made 2 really good spots. The longer :60 second spot plays often at the Chevrolet Centre downtown. The :30 second commercial has been in some limited rotation as a PSA on the local broadcast channels. I think proof that it really is happening in Youngstown, is that all the footage for the videos, was shot in just one night. There was a big dinner crowd at Charley Staples BBQ enjoying some of the best ribs in town. The MVP Restaurant was full and there was some serious bocce being played out back and the patio bar was pretty crowded as well. Cafe Cimmento was serving up their regular fantastic pasta with wines. The Bean Counter Cafe was getting ready for it's upcoming blues fest and getting ready for their new kitchen and menu. Party on the Plaza was getting the bands fired up and ready to play all night long outside BW3. Barleys cafe and nightclub had live bands playing that night as well, and our owner Chip's band was even playing there that night. There was a big Thunder Game going on at the Chevy Centre. And The Core was looking like the NYC club that it is, with martini's flowing and a cool vibe.

The videos were offered free to be used by downtown businesses to help promote themselves and the city. I have not seen many people take advantage of that yet. I am posting them here in both formats, so you can go to YouTube and embed them into your sites if you wish. The more people who promote and believe in Youngstown, the quicker it will come about. If you dont want to go the Youtube route and want a compressed version to give to your website developer, let me know and I will send you the file directly.

Are you looking to promote your city, club, event, etc.?? Accent Media can help you come up with the concept, shooting, editing and execution, to make your company, place or product look the best. What keeps Internet users staking out your website often and staying longer? Content, Content, Content!! Let us take pictures, videos, flyers, and whatever media you have of past or current events, and convert them into custom content for your website or blog. Keep checking back here to sign up for a class we will be having soon called, "Using Multimedia To Your Company and Your Website's Advantage.

Keep promoting Downtown Youngstown and the entire Mahoning Valley, and check out the blogs to the right that go more in depth into the happenings in the area. Be informed, Be part of the solution, Be proactive and remember, "It's Happening Here!!"

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