Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Webcast Is A'Coming, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood,

So putting together a webcast is not as easy as we thought, but it's coming together nicely. It should be posted by this Friday afternoon, not Thursday as we originally intended. I think Friday afternoon's will work better for us with our workload flows on Thursdays. Our graphics guy Justin has made an awesome opening for the show and we are lining up guests for future show segments as we speak. Do YOU have an idea of a segment you would like to see about people or events in the Youngstown and Mahoning Valley area? Drop me an email and we will sure consider all requests. Be sure to check back Friday afternoon or this weekend for the first, "Accent On Youngstown".

One of the first projects that got Accent Media noticed in the national market, was our work we did creating the companion DVD to the Mr. Fred Rogers tribute CD, "Songs From The Neighborhood". The CD went on to win a grammy and we received some national exposure for our candid shots of the different recording artists as they recorded songs from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in New York, and Nashville. I am adding a video compilation of some of the interviews and footage we took for the DVD. The reason I am bringing this up you might ask? Well Pittsburgh, PA is having it's annual, "Won't You Be My Neighbor Days," this upcoming March 15 - March 20th.The concept was developed by Family Communications, Inc. (FCI), the non-profit company founded by Fred Rogers, to honor his deep appreciation of what it means to be a caring neighbor.More than 30 southwestern PA organizations are planning to show just how neighborly they can be. By offering free or reduced admissions, they will enable children and families to enjoy activities like puppet making, interactive events at local libraries, musical presentations, and exhibits at our museums — enjoying experiences that inform and enrich their lives in unexpected, remarkable ways.

For what would have been Mr. Rogers 80th birthday, on Friday, March 20th, the Mr. Rogers Family is asking everyone all over the country to wear a sweater that day in honor of Fred Rogers. It looks like with the extended cold we have been having here in Ohio, wearing a sweater in a couple weeks should be no problem. We at Accent Media are all wearing a sweater that day. I want to get the word out to everyone in the Mahoning Valley to wear a sweater in honor of Mr. Rogers. C'mon.......it'lll be fun......wont you be our neighbor??

I hope you all took the time to vote today. We have a split team here, with my bleeding heart of a liberal beating next to some conservative Democrats and Socially progressive Republicans, next to the Neocons. It's an interesting mix, definitely dont want to talk politics or religion in here without pulling up a chair for a while...lol. We do ALL agree however on the importance of Voting and I hope you made it out today or voted early. ..........Scott

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