Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Webcast Up Friday Eve, Chevy Centre, "Stacking The Odds"

So I really have things I want to blog about almost every day, and how often do I post?? Seems like weekly if I am lucky! So episode 2 of "Accent On Youngstown" will be posted this Friday evening by 5pm, so be sure to check back or subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Three more guests this week and a lot of great guests lined up for the future. We are even in talks to make it expand and be more often and more content soon. Be sure to check this blog, our MySpace, our Website, here, and Youtube to check out Accent on Youngstown,episode 2, Friday evening.

Next, I want to take a little issue with Bertram De Souza's commentary in the Vindicator this past Sunday about the Chevrolet Centre. Most of the time, I find I actually agree with what "Bertie" (okay, I dont know him, but Bertie just seems to fit him,) has to say, at least in bits and pieces of his commentary. However, as was noted in a Vindy piece earlier, if the city did NOT ask for the money to satisfy the loan from the 3 front-runners, wouldn't it have been foolish if the companies had no problems with that in exchange for certain concessions. I do agree that the city should have had some carrots on the stick for the company who would be willing to meet the debt demand, but it's not the worst idea in the world to ask for what you want, and let the companies make counter offers of what they would need in order for them to make that commitment.

Agree or Disagree that the Chevy Centre was needed or a smart use of money, the fact is, it's done and built and we have to rally around and support it and make it succeed. To that extent, I whole-heartedly agree with the proviso the city put out to retain Eric Ryan as Executive Manager of the Centre. This is a hometown event center and needs someone from the hometown to run it. If Cleveland felt it was a deal breaker and had to back out, oh well, 2 others did not, and they says great things about them and our city for trying to keep their interests protected this time around. I hope we find a company that can be a strong marketing arm and procurement arm for future events, but I love the fact that it will be a hometown boy running the show. I wish Eric, Brandon, Bridget, and Jennifer the best, and look forward to attending many more events at my local arena.

Last, but probably most important, we had our first meeting last night for this years "Stacking The Odds", a fund raiser that was started last year that we participated in and have decided to become a major sponsor for this year. The event is to raise money for the Susan G. Komen For The Cure, Breast Cancer Foundation. There are offices in Cleveland and Pittsburgh and the organization is widely known around the country and even the world. "Stacking The Odds", is a contest to see who can stack the most Oreo Cookies in timed heats against other competitors who have friends and family pledge money for how high they can get their Oreo's stacked. Of course Nabisco, maker of Oreo's was a big corporate sponsor last year, and will be on board again this year. Last year they donated 10,000 Oreos for the event and have pledged even more this year. The event took place outside of Pittsburgh last year, and with Accent Media as a major sponsor, we have asked them to hold the event in Downtown Youngstown this year. We are in negotiations on where to hold the event, but are hoping for maybe here in the first floor of the PharMor building if it's big enough. Besides the stacking event, there is a huge silent auction, vendors selling food and products, and a place for kids to build Oreo castles and pictures. I will be asking all of our Youngstown and Mahoning Valley neighbors and friends for help as things get closer. We will need donations and volunteers and stacker participants. Below is a video we made of last years event. Enjoy and talk to you soon blogger friends........Scott

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