Friday, March 7, 2008

Accent Media Presents.........."Accent On Youngstown"

So here it is blogger friends, the very first edition of "Accent On Youngstown." It's very fulfilling for us to get this pet project off the ground. We are still on a big learning curve as to what the final product may look like down the line, but we think we have a good start. We still have a bit of technical issues to work out on our website, so for now it is just a link on the site and it will be playing here and on the MySpace page. It will also be kept unlocked on YouTube so anyone may share it if they wish. Special thanx to Phil Kidd, Brooke Slanina, and Charlie Staples for being our first guests. To balance this project with our ongoing projects we have for our clients, we will be putting up a new video every 2 weeks. Eventually we hope to make it weekly and perhaps turn it into a weekly television series we produce for one of the local networks. Thanx for sharing in our work, and enjoy this first webcast of "Accent On Youngstown", we would appreciate you giving us feedback and sharing it with your friends......... Scott


Janko said...

I love it.

You picked great music too, especially on the accent media shorts.

Phil Kidd said...

Great, great job guys. This is a very professional, well constructed, asthetically pleasing, hip, informative piece you have put together. Thanks for the opportunity to be able to participate. I look forward to future releases. Again, great job!

Phil Kidd