Monday, August 4, 2008

This, That, and other Ramblings

So as you have probably noticed, "Accent On Youngstown" has not been updated in a couple weeks. It is actually going on Hiatus until September. The reason is because we have become consumed with new projects all of a sudden, and there is just not the extra editor I try to keep working on emergency projects, it's All Hands On Deck. We are also getting ready to transition into the Fall school semester as well. Two of our wizards of production are still in school and we have to adapt to their new school schedule over the next few weeks. It all works out in the end, but usually takes a bit of getting used to. As soon as we get into a new organized routine, "Accent on Youngstown" will return with all new guests about town.

Speaking of the Fall semester, will anyone else be glad to have a weekend off again when school starts back up? (Well I guess unless you are IN school and have to study, lol) This has been an amazing Summer full of festivals, concerts, downtown events, and some wacky weather. Kudo's to all of the artists showing their wares at Cedars yesterday. If anyone is looking for some early Christmas shopping, I really enjoyed a lot of those scrap metal sculptures, especially the rings around the bowling ball type thing. For a mere $350 dollars, you would be making me a happy blogger, hehe. There are a couple great events coming up to cap off the Summer celebrations, and I am really looking forward to the Rib burn off at the Chevy Centre, and a couple more music venues.

If football is your thing, and really in NE Ohio it seems to be EVERYONE's thing, we are currently working with the Vindicator on their High School Football Blitz that is coming up in the next couple of weeks. Look for a couple commercials we have put together for them, along with some great coverage in the Vindicator,, and available through just about any communication gadget you got; cell phone, Ipod, computer, newspaper, television, the Vindicator has it covered. Take care and have a great week friends, more things to share with you later this week..............Scott

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