Monday, February 25, 2008


Jeeeeesh I cant wait to get an Intern in here to help me with this blog, the entries are coming just to far and in between with me doing it solo. Hope all our blogger friends have been well. I want to announce 2 exciting things here at the blog (main blog only and MySpace homepage, you wont see it on the MySpace blog page. If you look over to your right ----------> I have installed a new "Call Me" button!! Blogger has introduced this great new compatible software that is available in Beta over at Grand Central dot Com. All you have to do is click on the button, type in your name and phone number and click on Call. The computer will then dial your own phone and connect you to our voicemail. TA DA!! When we have a message I get a notice in my email. How kewl is that?? So there you go, simple as that! I hope whenever you have a question, or want to comment, or even just say HI, that you will use this spiffy new feature.

My next big announcement, is our new Accent Media webcast called, "Accent on Youngstown". We have been thinking about putting together a :30 minute television show or infomercial for a couple of months, and have decided to test the waters with a :10 minute webcast on our website, blog and MySpace pages. We will be starting out with at least a bi-weekly pre-recorded webcast, and possibly weekly depending on our workload. We will playing around with the format the first few weeks to see how it best works for us. The plan is to get into a groove to tape segments at our studio on Wednesdays, and have the webcast up by Thursday evening or Friday morning.

We are planning on bringing all sorts of relevant topics and information for and about Downtown Youngstown and the surrounding Mahoning Valley. I am happy to announce our first webcast will have as our inaugural guests, Phil Kidd, founder of Defend Youngstown blog and newly appointed Director of Downtown Events by City Council. We will also have Brooke from the Oakland Theatre coming by to talk about upcoming events there. Also don't be surprised to find a restaurant review in the first webcast of one of our wonderful downtown establishments. You have ideas of things you want to see? Use that fancy new phone message system above, lol. We are looking forward to covering lots of segments and events. Extreme Sports, Natural Medicine, Entertainment, Bands, Food, Festivals, Bloggers, all sorts of interesting things. We are excited and are looking forward to this new venture. Stay tuned for more updates about this as it becomes available.......Cya.....Scott

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