Sunday, April 6, 2008

Interns Will Save The Day Again, Busy Busy, The Map

So I have some very good prospects for our next Intern. What does that mean for you?? Well, you might actually get updates on our blog more than once in a blue moon. Also, our new Intern will be in charge of the bi-weekly webcast, "Accent On Youngstown", as we get ready to branch out into the Mahoning Valley further besides the City of Youngstown. We had to delay broadcast a week of our 3rd webcast due to huge shooting and editing demands the last two weeks. Our next webcast will be up and running on Friday April 11th, by 5pm. Of course, we have also had trouble getting our web-link for the last episode working on the website. Luckily, it has been up and running on the blog, Youtube, and the Myspace page.

As I said, we have been really busy lately, (thank you Gods of business,) and it has been a lot of fun. We shot some excellent footage for Sheely's, worked on Doc's Team Extreme Big Game Show for the new season, put together the beginnings of a very touching video for an upcoming fundraiser, put together a new commercial for Advanced Chiropractic, and a whole lot more. The reason I am writing on a Sunday, is that we are on a 12 hour shoot next door at the Rosetta Stone Cafe for a set of four upcoming commercials. While the guys are doing all the heavy and hard work next door, I am upstairs watching the fort and working on stuff for the office, while they are coming and going for the shoot. This week we have shoots set up for Shine! in Columbiana, a couple shoots for the webisodes, and a bunch or our edits from the previous shoots.

There's too much that has gone on since my last blog entry, but I do want to point out one thing that was posted over at Shout Youngstown the other day. Janko and his friends have taken the time to create, "The Map", "Gems of Youngstown." It has started with about 50 places of interest, including food places, historic places, drink places, outdoor places, etc. You are also able to submit some of your own ideas, which will be reviewed extensively by the Peer Review Group, LOL, kidding. Go ahead and take this link over to his blog and check it out. Talk to you soon blogger friends............Scott

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