Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We Let a Month Slip By, So Here's the Update!

Hello blogger friends. Without an Intern this semester from YSU, our blog has been a bit neglected, and I want to drop a little note at whats been going on at Accent, and what I have been noticing out and about. Lets start out by welcoming all the new clients to Accent Media this month. After a busier Holiday season than planned, we have some great new clients and lots of fun and excitement in store for 08. We are about to begin working with Prima Health Care, and love what we have seen from this company. Their goal is one-stop shopping for all of your family health care needs and are fast approaching that goal with 5 locations in and around the Mahoning Valley. We also will be bringing Revolution Sports Marketing aboard as a client, with some logo design and commercial work. This excellent sports memorabilia shop out in Creekside Plaza behind Rockne's has some great items and collectibles. Commercials we have put together for some of our advertising agency friends include: American Gladiators Fitness, Eastwood Mall Bridal Expo, Windsor House Skilled Nursing Care Homes, Austintown ER, and a political ad or two.

Downtown Youngstown is continuing to thrive and there has been a lot of excitement happening down here. A big congratulations to Phil Kidd, from the Defend Youngstown blog, who has been selected Downtown Plaza Director. Phil has always been a serious Downtown and city cheerleader and activist, and this job is perfectly suited for him. Word on the street is that there is going to be some forward momentum on the Realty Building and Wick Building to getting the housing construction started up again soon. Our own building here at 20 Federal Plaza West has a new eatery in our food court, The Capitol Grille, and next door, Franko's has added breakfast to his menu. The new Rosetta Stone Cafe has opened, and while I will be putting out a very mixed review about my experiences there tomorrow, I applaud them for all the hard work they put into the location and getting it open.

That's all for now, but please take a minute and look over the links of other blogs we have at the right. We will be adding more soon, but I really enjoy reading those we have now. Tyler at Youngstown Renaissance has a fantastic piece about the recent meeting on violence in the city, and John over at Shout Youngstown, always has some great notes on happenings about town. I definitely enjoy reading Brooke's blog over at the Oakland and keep scolding myself for not spending any time there yet, I have to get my down time organized better, LOL. Thanx to all that read, and stay tuned.........Scott

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