Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A jump into Christmas

Thirteen days until Christmas...sure we've gotten the tree up and the
cards mailed, but it still seems to be approaching us faster as the
years go by. You know what that means, it's time to eat, eat, eat
again...can't we just move Thanksgiving away from Christmas so we have
more time to get rid of those extra pounds in between?

Well, for those of you feeling bloated this holiday season, here is an idea. Go to to find different solutions to get back in shape. Jump Stretch, based out of Youngstown, offers the world's first all rubberband gym, where you can get a personal trainer, choose from a variety of classes and pick up some of their FlexBand exercise equipment. It's the perfect gift for your holiday exercise buff or the couch potato who wants to do something healthy and get in shape. We're working with Jump Stretch to develop a training video on how to use the FlexBands to their fullest potential. We'll keep you up to date. Is your company looking for training videos? Keep us in mind for your video production needs.

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